Hello BVA 2! | 2019.11.23

Hello BVA 2! | 2019.11.23

Thank you for coming to #HelloBVA 2!

It has been a month since our first ever Hello BVA! We are happy to see enthusiastic artists who are eager to learn at Brandoville Academy!

Our 3D Modeling Program Director, Joshua Wu, is back to share with us the school’s curriculum. And this time, we were joined by one of the senior artists who came all the way from Lemon Sky Studios in Malaysia.

We also received our first batch of applicants, as we are now officially open for admission. We can’t wait to see you in class next year!

In case you missed our first and second Hello BVA events, keep your eyes on our social media for news and updates on our upcoming events.

Visit our website http://academy.brandoville.com/ for more information and admission.

Art Never Sleeps!