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Our mission is to provide an environment where students can level up their creative talent and develop Indonesia as a leader in the game and animation industry. Brandoville Academy brings a robust program that allow students to fully express their creative imagination and readily enter the professional workforce upon graduation.

ken lai's, founder of bva

Ken Lai, CEO


Ken Lai is a passionate artist who is committed to empowering others to build successful careers in the game and animation industry and grow the industry in Asia. What first started as his personal vision has now been expressed through his extensive work as CEO of Brandoville Studios and the Former Shareholder of Lemon Sky Studios, leading both businesses in Indonesia and Malaysia.


Before becoming a Partner at Lemon Sky Studios in 2011, Ken studied at Vancouver Film School and the University of Toronto in Canada. Following his graduation, Ken launched his career at EA Canada, where he developed games for more than 7 years as the Lead and Technical Artist, producing high-profile games like Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Since then, Ken has gained around 20 years of executive management experience in the animation and game industry. Using his experience and never-ending determination, Ken continues to propel his passion for art while encouraging individuals around him to achieve beyond the status quo.